New versions of Cogitant are regularly published on the website. They are available on the project page on sourceforge.

Download Cogitant.

Development repository

Development is coordinated with the help of Subversion, a version control system. Anonymous read access to the repository is granted to everybody. Once Subversion is installed, you can execute the following command to retrieve the current state of the development version:

svn co svn:// cogitant

This command will create a directory called cogitant which contains the development version of Cogitant. Note that the development repository does not contain a configure script, so, if you use a Unix system, you first have to ensure that you have Automake / Autoconf / libtool installed and execute the following script in the cogitant directory in order to create the configure script :


Once your local copy of the code has been created, you can update your copy to the latest version in the repository by the following command inside the cogitant directory:

svn update

If you have a sourceforge account, you can subscribe to svn updates here. You may prefer a RSS feed or a web page with recent commits.